Sandra Peso was born in Istanbul, Turkey. Having performed on stage until college, she moved to the US and studied Drama at University of Virginia. She developed her skills backstage in stage-managing, directing, costume and lighting design and took a number of film-oriented classes. After completing her Bachelors degree, she moved to New York and attended New York Film Academy’s One-Year Filmmaking program. She focused her studies on directing, cinematography and editing. She shot and edited a short film called Jerry, which was selected for Berlin Film Festival’s Talent Campus. She worked as a freelance DP/Editor while working as an assistant director in the creative collective, GoGo Project. She then completed her MFA in Design and Technology in Parsons The School for Design as she continued her freelance work in motion graphics and videography. She currently resides in Istanbul, working as a graphic animator and video editor.

sandrapenso@gmail.com | 0533.484.6002